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📍The DOMS Boutique Hotel, Mellieħa, Malta; more than a stay, a real…

Updated: Apr 2

Hidden Gem in the Maltese Mediterranean Jewel

In the heart of Mellieħa, a small town brimming with charm and stories, lies a treasure trove for travelers looking for an authentic and luxurious experience.

Follow me to discover the DOMS Boutique Hotel and dare to transform your Maltese stay into an unforgettable chapter of your best adventures.

It takes place in the heart of Mellieħa, an enchanting town in the north of Malta, which adorns the DOMS Boutique Hotel, a hidden treasure that promises a memorable getaway.

The hotel, born from the rehabilitation of an old building and opened its doors at the beginning of October 2023 (just two weeks before our stay), illustrates the owner's commitment to preserving the rich heritage of the city while offering a modern and luxurious stay experience.

I'm going to cut to the chase and give you all the reasons why the DOMS Boutique Hotel deserves your attention if you're looking for or staying in Malta:

  • An ideal location: Located in Mellieħa, a perfect starting point for exploring the wonders of Malta.

  • Charm and lots of privacy: With only 8 rooms, the hotel offers a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

  • A modern design: The spacious rooms combine modern comfort and cutting-edge equipment, we grant DOMS some time to finalize the plans for the terraces which do not yet correspond to the architects' design, but they have just opened so we still give them a little time to finish everything, this will be an opportunity to revisit)😊.

  • A WOW, incomparable view: A rooftop swimming pool offers spectacular views of the church, square, and Mellieħa rooftops. Exceptional hospitality: Warm and attentive staff for an unforgettable experience.

  • Gastronomy is part of this experience: With a brasserie below offering typical Maltese dishes, revisited, you have the opportunity to eat in the main square of the village, or inside the hotel brasserie, as for the hearty breakfasts in happened on the opposite side of the place at a trendy bar (but most probably because we visited so early after the opening of the hotel).

Nearby activities:

  1. Diving at Mellieħa Bay: Explore the crystal clear waters and diverse marine life.

  2. Visit the island of Gozo: A ferry takes you to discover breathtaking landscapes.

  3. Walk in Popeye Village: The movie set transformed into a picturesque amusement park.

  4. Hike at Ghadira Nature Reserve: Perfect for nature lovers.

  5. Palazzo Parisio Palace Excursion: Experience Baroque Elegance.

  6. Kayaking on the turquoise waters: For a sporting adventure.

Secrets from locals:

Traditional fishing at sunset: Share a moment with the local fishermen that you will find near the bridges or the coastal road, fishing is much more than a pastime when you live on an island where the seabed is so rich, it is a lifestyle.

Hike to Mellieħa Cave: A hidden gem known only to locals, well almost. You can get there by walking a few minutes from Armier Beach, but it is also accessible by canoe. To appreciate the turquoise waters accentuated by the sun, it is best to go there in the morning,

The DOMS Boutique Hotel, and much more to offer than a place to stay, it's an invitation to experience Malta from the inside, through its history, its culture, and its breathtaking landscapes.

Whether you get there for a romantic getaway, a solo adventure, or a family discovery trip, this hotel promises indelible memories.

I invite you to look at my real story on the DOMS and I warmly recommend this place to stay.

I can't wait to go back to experience the DOMS again and again.

“Luxury is knowing how to appreciate the present moment in all its simplicity.” - Anonymous

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