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📍Can Salia Hotel, San Josep de Sa Talia, Ibiza: The multiple colors of Ibicenco chic

A little address that I really liked! 🥰

The hotel is a few minutes' drive from San Antonio Bay, HQ of trendy bars, where we find our favorite DJs playing in "before".

But well beyond its ideal location, the Can Salia Hotel is the perfect place for a little lazy weekend, but not only that.

BLUE - The color of water and the horizon; is expressed through the swimming pools, the first on the edge of the bay which blend subtly with the Mediterranean Sea, which of course is delimited by the property of the hotel and an earthwork of rocks on which it is pleasant to wander and discover marine fauna. And the horizon for the rooftop swimming pool, which flows into the infinity of the bay as if it were trying to reach the sun setting in the horizon, actually this one is a little more private and also allows you to relax and sip a small cocktail at its bar while admiring the breathtaking view with a lot of tranquility, as it is reserved for adults until 7 p.m. (afterward, it's sunset time, so everyone is admitted).

ORANGE - The color of gastronomy dedicated to Mediterranean, organic and local cuisine through dishes prepared with the flavors of Salia that you will find in the restaurant near the swimming pool. It is also located near a very small private beach of the hotel with deckchairs and giant mattresses where you can eat and relax at the same time.

Every morning a huge buffet of more or less local specialties is served there for breakfast, but you will also go there for lunch or dinner; an assortment of dishes enhanced with seafood also offering a touch of luxury is available for more demanding taste buds, such as the Lobster roll, which is actually to die for (and don't worry, you can also order some of their dishes like the lobster 🦞roll in room service all day).

BEIGE - The color of chic comfort is definitely found in the atmosphere of all rooms, and let me introduce you to the pearl of all rooms.

The presidential suite or penthouse where I had the opportunity to stay during my stay demerge as a beacon of elegance and comfort. The room includes two bedrooms, a living-dining room, an American kitchen and a huge terrace with deck chairs and tables to admire the sunset.

The hotel also offers a few villas with one bedroom and a sofa bed, which will be perfect for families looking for less promiscuity.

WATER GREEN - The color of style, the result of a spectacular renovation in 2021 which brought this hotel up to ecological and sustainable standards, and transformed this place into a piece of haven. The curated selection of handcrafted high-end furniture and natural materials gives the hotel its modern and pleasant island feel, the harmonious fusion of light and warm tones promises a stay out of the ordinary and elevate the hotel to real gem.

WHITE - The color of the L-shaped building architecture, and so well-thought-out by the way; that each room has a view of the sea, with the bay of San Antonio on one side and, on the other side, the spectacle that we all expect when we stay on this side of the island: sweetness of life and sunset.

YELLOW - The color of attention that you will have the opportunity to feel by being advised by a multilingual, adorable and attentive staff, or while treating yourself to a moment of blissful relaxation, being pampered in one of the many massage rooms (which you will have previously reserved) either directly with the masseuse, or at reception. Rest assured, even if the masseuse is from outside the hotel, she is no less attentive than the staff, and will help you experience a true unwinding moment of relaxation which, believe me, is worth it after a long, hectic night dancing, but also and may be more important, before starting a day of relaxation ).

BROWN - The color of the detail that you will find in a lot of little attentions to ensure that your stay goes wonderfully, such as a shower available for late departures, to keep you from arriving at the airport all sandy up after a last day at the beach , or even a gym, rental bikes which are available for your next adventures in the surrounding area, and last but not least, a kids club to keep the little ones busy while parents are taking time off.

The list could get longer as I could still enlarge the palette, but in the end Can Salia through all these colors, is nothing but the rainbow of happiness that we seek while on vacation to fully unwind and relax.

So, the question I will ask you now, before I finish writing this recommendation: What color is your suitcase? Because it is certainly time to prepare it, and go and rest, or not.😉

“True luxury does not consist in having much, but in appreciating what you have.” -Oscar Wilde

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