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The blog where travel meets gastronomy for unprecedented adventures.

Updated: Apr 2

“SABKAFOOD, more than just food”, is not only my slogan; that's my philosophy, honestly what's more incredible than traveling and gastronomy?

Through this blog, I invite you to go beyond the boundaries of simple culinary discovery to embrace the very essence of travel, discovery, and encounter.

SABKAFOOD is the story of my passion for the flavors of the world, my insatiable curiosity for diverse cultures, and my deep desire to share unique experiences with everyone.

This blog is an invitation to join me in a quest for discoveries where each article is an open door to a new horizon, whether it is a restaurant hidden in an alley in Marrakech, a charming hotel in Greece, an excursion in a snowstorm in the depths of the Norwegian arctic or even a traditional recipe shared and reinvented throughout a trip.

Beyond a catering service, SABKAFOOD aims to be a guide, a travel companion for those who, like me, are in love with discoveries and adventures.

Each publication is the result of an encounter, a story, or an emotion that I experienced and that I wish to share with you. From the secret beaches of the island of Gozo, to the ancient streets of Sicily, via a luxurious penthouse in Ibiza or even an unforgettable encounter with a leopard in Namibia, I travel the world to share treasures, visible or hidden, but only 'It's impossible for me to keep to myself.


With each article, I promise to take you to unexpected destinations, inspire you for your next trips, and make you live, through my words and images, a little of the adventure I experienced.

Finally, I would really love that SABKAFOOD becomes much more than a guide and a travel companion. For you who read me, this blog can be a source of inspiration and motivation, a catalyst for change inspiring you to explore beyond your comfort zones and to open up to new cultures, flavors, and experiences. In any case, for me, it is my invitation to you, to live fully, to embrace adventure, even in your everyday life.

By sharing stories and recipes from different corners of the world, I aspire to encourage intercultural dialogue and curiosity, sharing with each of you my spirit of a traveler at heart, and inviting you to travel, discover, but above all to share, without you leaving the comfort of your home.

For those, like me, looking to enrich their lives, then SABKAFOOD is perhaps my muse, our muse, inspiring creativity through recipes, travel stories, and incredible and sometimes even, unexpected discoveries.

SABKAFOOD will probably even become a community, who knows? A place where we can share our experiences like on the forums, but also support each other in our personal adventures. Every article, every story, every recipe could become a thread that weaves connections between like-minded individuals, creating a global network of food and travel enthusiasts. Okay, okay, okay, I'm getting carried away.

Nevertheless, I have always had this desire to make of SABKAFOOD, so many things, and above all much more than a simple catering service, an experience, or a blog; so whether you are a seasoned globetrotter or simply looking for inspiration for your next trip why not try using this blog as a beacon for all those looking to add more flavor to their existence (starting with me ) to discover the world from a new angle, and to discover themselves along the way (I'm probably only speaking for myself here!).


Come on, if this speaks to you too, don't hesitate to follow me on this adventure, to explore with me the most remote corners of the planet, and to taste the most exquisite flavors. Welcome to the SABKAFOOD family, where I would like to make every day a new adventure, and every meal a celebration of life.

Don't forget to sign up for the news letter to be made aware of new articles.

With a love for food, travel, and much more

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