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Sushi or tacos! Why choose ?

It's happening in Paris, at Tanori, and believe me, the dining experience is one of a kind. Located at 12 rue de Volta, in a very small street between the Arts et Métiers and République metro stations, you will find this restaurant-boutique which closely resembles some Japanese capsules.

I'll let you imagine entering without even opening a door, and instantly plunging into an atmosphere that evokes manga or the style of sleeping capsules found in certain airports.

It's a real taste of traveling to Japan, right in the heart of Paris.

The minimalist and modern design of the place immediately transports you into this urban and cosmopolitan atmosphere of major Japanese cities. But once inside, you will be seduced by the warm and cosy atmosphere that reigns at Tanori.

Now, let's talk about what is worth the visit: the fusion between these two essentials, sushi, and tacos, and believe me, the combination is truly unexpected.

These culinary delights combine the best of both worlds: the freshness and delicacy of sushi with all the umami flavors we love, including an unparalleled crunch thanks to Nori sheets (that have been fried after being dipped in with a rice flour mix). But also the conviviality and what we loved, of course, the practicality of the tacos. The packaging is quite ingenious and so well-thought-out, anyway; we're not here to talk about packaging.

Their menu offers a tempting variety that includes a starter/tacos or tacos/dessert for €13.80 (as of Nov 2023). A selection of seafood tacos, including vegetarian options. There is something for everyone.

We were won over with our eyes before we even bit into it.

We opted for the octopus balls as a starter, crispy and soft at the same time, followed by a festival of flavors with the salmon 🍣, eel, and shrimp 🍤 taco. We finish in style, with red beans spring rolls topped with caramel for a sweet touch.

An explosion of flavors, perfectly balanced and harmonious, with finger-licking sauces.

To accompany these little wonders, Tanori also offers a selection of refreshing drinks and cold teas, which perfectly complement your meal.

My conclusion is that Tanori Paris is much more than just any other little restaurant out there: it is a true gastronomic capsule, a trip with each bite you take, where flavors mix with creativity and modernity.

And if you want to watch my reel, click on the link cinquante_qui_quoi_moi

or click directly on the restaurant link Tanori Paris

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